Personal injury law refers to the law of protecting victims from the wrongful acts of another.  The law provides remedies for victims of another’s wrongful acts regardless of whether the conduct is an intentional act, negligent, or by strict liability.  Our firm helps clients through the personal injury process, which are often times some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Our personal injury disputes never concern whether our clients are injured.  They are.  They have medical bills.  They lost wages.  They lost their job.  They literally can’t stand without assistance.

The disputes with insurance companies are almost always about the extent of the injury.  Insurance companies are in the business of making money and will always try to pay as little as possible when it comes to offering a settlement.

Personal injury attorneys will be your voice.  In many cases, an injured party will be asked to make a recorded statement to the wrongdoer’s insurance company.  The statement can be used against the victim when a settlement is offered.

This is why you should always consult with a personal injury attorney prior to accepting a settlement.  This isn’t to say that you should always hire a personal injury attorney.  Litigation is expensive.  It requires years of collecting medical bills, interviewing witnesses, hiring investigators, and navigating through the court system. Our firm has collected millions representing our clients in cases involving injuries resulting from incidents ranging from auto accidents to accidental firearm discharges.



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