Colorado Employees: COVID-19 Enhanced Employment Benefit Resources

Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Emergency Sick Leave and Emergency Family Leave The following post explains  state and federal responses to COVID-19 with regard to enhanced employee benefits and employer tax credits employees and employers may be eligible to receive. On March 18, 2020, the Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act became law. There…

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Increased Eligibility for Sealing Criminal Records

The Colorado legislature recently passed a bill permitting the sealing of criminal records (and convictions) that the law did not allow to be sealed before.  In the past, the only way a case could usually be sealed is if the case was dismissed, the defendant wasn’t charged, or the defendant was acquitted. If you believe…

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Do employees (and former employees) have the right to see their own personnel file? You bet.

In the employment law context, many wrongful termination/wrongful disciplinary action cases deal with allegations by an employer of an employee’s misconduct.  An employer may assert an employee was disciplined because of their unprofessional conduct (e.g, absenteeism, sexual harassment, substance abuse, etc.).  In the past, prior to any formal litigation, an employee requesting to see documentation of the…

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